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Premier Organic Detangling Bamboo Massage Brush

Premier Organic Detangling Bamboo Massage Brush

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High-Quality Hair Comb Organic Bamboo Massage Comb carbonized solid bamboo cushion anti-static hair Brush combs travel


Features: Activating meridians and activating collaterals, promoting qi and blood circulation Unobstructed blood vessels, dispelling wind, and dispersing dampness Nourish the body and refresh the mind. Promote sleep and relieve stress Frequent combing can breathe blood, strengthen the scalp press, and dredge the scalp veins; At the same time, combing can also remove dandruff and dirt attached to the hair, a good scalp environment, and prevent friendship. Specification��š Essential information Name: bamboo comb carbonization comb massage comb Size: 23*8.5cm Material: bamboo natural rubber carbonized comb teeth. Weight: 92 grams




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Key Highlights

✔ STRAIGHTEN MESSY HAIR IN JUST MINUTES - A must-have for styling your hair quicky for any occasion, work, dates, our just hanging with friends.

✔ ANTI-SCALD COMB - Reduces hair pulling and scalding with porper use.

✔ INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Digital control gives you all the options you need to choose the ideal temperature for your hair.

✔ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL STYLE - Straighten your hair quickly, or try a different hair style. Possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

How to Use

Simply plug in the your Sleek Supreme™ hair straightener brush. Wait for it to heat up, then style away! Can be used on wet or dry hair.


Diameter of heat conductor: 16MM-20MM
Product category: roll and straight dual use
Power plug: USA
Thermal conductor material: Tourmaline ceramic coating
Temperature control adjustment: Digital control

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